The city of Oyama in Tochigi Prefecture,Japan, is seeking to employ an Australian national (ideally current or former Cairns resident) for the position of Assistant Language Teacher (ALT) & Coordinator of International Relations (CIR).

Oyama City has, in recent years, forged many links with the city of Cairns and this position will be another link.

The contract will commence in August, 2019. Please check the details of the recruitment information. Persons with an interest are encouraged to send the following documents to us.

Required Documents:

1. Resume (personal and employment history)
2. Passport style photo (no specific size)
3. Health certificate (medical certificate from family doctor stating any health concerns)
4. University Graduation Certificate

All the documents (PDF) should be sent by e-mail when you apply for this position. When you start working, the Civic Affairs Division (Japan) will request you to show the original ones.

Submit By: Tuesday, 28 May, 2019

For your information, the Oyama office will be closed from Saturday, 27 April 2019 to Monday, 6 May, 2019 for the Golden Week Holidays.

By e-mail or fax to Ms. Tanabe | Civic Affairs Division Oyama City Tochigi Prefecture in Japan

TEL: +81-285-22-9278
FAX: +81-285-22-8972
Address: 1-1-1, Chuo-cho, Oyama-shi, Tochigi-ken, Japan Postal Code 323-8686

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