About the Society

The Australia Japan Society of FNQ Inc. is in Cairns was chartered on 21st November 1981 by a small group of then, local Cairns businesspeople with a passion for Japan and the visiting people and culture. This small local group of friends and families regularly arranged to meet and greet the once-a-week Japanese flight into Cairns, via Papua New Guinea.

  • The AJS FNQ Society is a not-for-profit, volunteer, non-political, non-racial and organisation.
  • Our objectives are to promote goodwill, friendship, common interests, mutual understanding and valuable and long-lasting relationships, between the people of Australia and Japan but in particular the two Cairns Japanese Sister Cities. Minami Town, Tokushima Prefecture (formerly Hiwasa) and Oyama City, Tochigi Prefecture.
  • The AJS FNQ Society offer interesting and informative Japan related information and activities to members and friends including the public, Cairns visitors and people from Japan.
  • The AJS FNQ Society is happy to be a point of contact for similar Japan based groups or individuals that are interested in Cairns and vice versa.
  • The AJS FNQ Society has a high focus to promote educational exchange between Australia and Japan through the annual (pre-COVID) Student Scholarship Program. 2006-2019. (Hoping to resume soon.)


PO Box 2188
Cairns Qld 4870