Japanese Film Festival 2019 in Cairns

3 November 2019

Enjoy free Japanese films! The selection includes an animated film that everyone can enjoy, a meditative drama on the art of Japanese tea ceremony and a heart-warming slice-of-life reflection on family relationships.

MIRAI |12:00pm

DAD’S LUNCH BOX | 2:00pm
Drama / Suitable for all ages / In Japanese with English subtitles

Drama / Suitable for all ages / In Japanese with English subtitles

FREE ADMISSION | LIMITED SEATS | No reservation needed.

Presented by  the Japan Foundation

Event Cinemas Smithfield

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Cairns and Japanese Sister City – 50th Anniversary Celebration

To celebrate the 50th Anniversary milestone, the Mayor of Minami Town (formerly Hiwasa) and a delegation visited Cairns and took part in the Cairns Festival, held from 23rd August-1st Sept 2019.

The Mayor brought with him approx. 30 delegates from the Community and Minami Region including a group of traditional puppeteers who will offered a free traditional “Joururi Puppet” performance and experience, to the Cairns community on Sunday 25th August on the Cairns Esplanade with three afternoon puppet performances.

Also, as part of the events and celebrations for 50 years of friendship with Cairns, to further commemorate this special occasion, the Minami Town Tourist Association decided to welcome a Cairns citizen as a new member of “Minami Kame Family”. A character costume was created from a design inspired by the uniform colors of the Australia National Soccer and other sporting team.

The Minami Town Tourism Association invited the Town public to join into a contest for a costume design that would be suitable for a ‘Cairns’ turtle family member, with Ms. Kyoko Taniguchi, design being selected in Green and Yellow, a pendant and a belt buckle in the shape of Australia so that the location of Cairns City Queensland can shine and be identified.

The costume of a new Turtle family member for the Public Relations Character will be known as the “Kame Mate” Family (Turtle Family) of Minami Town Tourist Association in Tokushima Prefecture Japan. This was announced in the media at the Hiwasa Michi no Eki (Hiwasa Road Station) on the 17 July 2019.

There are currently 9 members of the Kame Family. The 10th new member is call “Kame Mate” and the person selected by the Minami Town Tourism Association was Jeff Haynes, Cairns Citizen, and President of Australia Japan Society Far North Queensland. The presentation of the costume to Jeff Haynes was on Friday 23rd August 2019 by Minami Town Mayor and Vice President of the Minami Town Tourism Association with the delegation and friends at a private dinner function.

“Kame (Turtle) Mate” means best friend in Australia and Jeff Haynes and his wife Makoto Kamatani Haynes from Cairns have visited and stayed in Minami Town on multiple occasions, therefore Jeff Haynes was an easy ‘Kame’ choice. Jeff will be expected to wear the new Kame-family costumes at various local events to promote the special 50 years friendship between Cairns and Minami Town Japan and the on-going promotion of the Cairns Japanese Sister City.

Jeff Haynes commented that the people of Minami Town have become special friends over the years, they are welcoming and hospitable, and it’s my privilege to be the International Cairns extended ‘Kame-Mate’ family.

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AJS FNQ Scholarship 2019-2020

2019-20 Student Scholarships for Japan’s Sister Cities to Cairns.
Congratulations to
Nicholas Wilhelm von Dietze from St Andrew’s Catholic College who goes to Oyama City in Tochigi Prefecture
Zachary Luke Downey from St Augustine’s College who goes to Minami Town Tokushima Prefecture

During the December School Holidays of 2019-2020, the Australia-Japan Society FNQ will again sponsor two students from a Cairns School, to live as Home-stay and study within a Japanese Junior High School for a 4 week period.

Year 9 / 10 / 11 students are encouraged to apply for the scholarship and be in Japan during December 2019 and January 2020.

The AJS with this Scholarship are building further stronger relationships with the Cairns Sister Cities in both Oyama City and Minami Town.


  • Applicants for this program must be current financial family members of the Australia-Japan Society FNQ. (membership form below)
  • School within the Cairns Region and attending to Year 9.10 or 11.
  • Applicants must have valid passport for travelling overseas.
  • The students must be studying Japanese language and have maintained sound grades in all general subjects for the last school term.
  • Applications OPEN on the 1st July 2019 and CLOSE 16th August 2019. AJS FNQ will not accept any applications which arrive after 16th August 2019 (Application: Typed or computer generated. If students fail to prepare the complete set of documents, the student will automatically be eliminated as a candidate.)
  • The First stage of selection from the applications will be announced Sunday 1st September 2019
  • Second stage of selection is personal interviews and will be conducted on a Sunday afternoon 8th September 2019. Students and parents must be available for this process as part of the application. Unfortunately, if a student cannot be available for this process, the student will automatically be eliminated as a candidate.
  • The two successful students will be announced mid September and should expect to visit either Oyama City or Minami Town, Japan later in December.

The AJS Scholarship Package would include: Value approx AUS $5,000

  • Return International flights to Japan, meals included
  • Arrival Meet & Greet at Japan Narita and Osaka Airports
  • Transport & guide from Japan Airports to / from final destinations
  • 1 hour AJS FNQ Trip Orientation in Cairns before departure
  • Orientation in Japan with council representatives after arrival to the destination
  • 1 or 2 night’s Hotel Accommodation before or after home stay arrangements.
  • Homestay Japan Accommodation for 4 to 5 weeks (Possible multiple families)
  • One-on-one support, assistance and guidance by Japanese Council Representatives / Student Counselor, Assistant Language Teacher (ALT), Coordinator of International relations (CIR) and the Board of Education.
  • Official welcome and meeting with the Mayor of the Japanese Sister City at the Council offices.
  • Provisions of School lunch for education period of the program.
  • (Most years the Japanese schools have been able to loan a local school uniform)
  • Various unique Japanese cultural / sporting / music experiences as arranged by host families and the local Council and representatives.

Please note – As a family contribution and fee to this unique opportunity, the AJS FNQ will require a fee of $600.00 per successful student to be paid prior to 1st December.

Some items not included / Not limited to: Passport applications and associated costs, the student health, travel and medical insurances, student spending money, general winter clothing, and any personal items.

Students should complete the application form available for download below.

If you have problems getting the application form then please email scholarship@ajsfnq.com.au

Gold Scholarship Sponsors

Silver Scholarship Sponsors

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